New Customer Service eBook: Automation, Not Mechanization

How many steps do you perform from incident submission to incident resolution? How many screens are toggled through just to record the initial submission? How many communications are performed throughout the resolution life-cycle?

In our new eBook Automation, Not Mechanization, PhaseWare talks about how the right customer service and support software can automate steps between open and close to gain efficiency, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction.

Continue reading below for a few highlights of the new PhaseWare eBook Automation, Not Mechanization.

Why Automate?

Incident management, alerts, monitoring, and reporting are a just a few of the steps that are simpler and more efficient with automation. Duplication of effort, slow responses, poor or lost documentation, and inconsistent escalation procedures are failures of the system that cost time, money, and customers

A single bad customer service experience can result in a lost customer as it’s now extremely easy for customers to change providers.


A Few Considerations

Automation is an important aspect of efficient, effective customer support, but you can’t turn people into robots. While e-mail response, self-service, and guided search can be of enormous value, some situations require real personal action. Automation in customer service should not devolve into a cold and mechanical system.

Remember: Automation, not mechanization.

Automation of escalation procedures, e-mail responses, incident updates, and alerts for trends and SLA violations bring organization, efficiency, and effectiveness to your customer service. Automating parts of the workload reduces error, reduces costs, and increases efficiency. As service quality rises, so does customer satisfaction and retention. Here are a few tips for creating your solution.

PhaseWare Event Engine

When it comes to automation, PhaseWare’s Event Engine does it all. Event Engine integrates with PhaseWare Tracker, offering a single point of entry for information, keeping at your fingertips, and monitoring your customer data and activities for automated actions.

For more information on automation in customer service and support as well as tips on how to do automation well, download PhaseWare’s eBook Automation, Not Mechnanization.




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