New eBook: PhaseWare on Multichannel Customer Service and Support

Last week, The PhaseWare Files discussed Holistic Customer Service: Keeping Up With Multichannel Growth. Today, we’re excited to announce our new eBook: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Multichannel World. In our previous blog post on the multichannel experience, we covered a few key points for expanding your multichannel customer service and support strategy:

  • Accessibility and consistent messaging: Access to multiple channels increases the likelihood that customers will request assistance, offer feedback, and complete sales. It also offers a greater chance that customer support will be able to resolve issues since the customer will be using a channel most comfortable to him.
  • Seamless transitions and consolidated customer information: The multichannel support experience must be seamless to the customer. If a transition from one channel to another is necessary, customer support should be able to pick up the threads of the conversation without hesitation.
  • Consistency between channels: In multichannel service consistency and seamlessness go hand in hand. All information given to the customer, no matter the channel, must match to avoid confusion and frustration.
  • Availability and reliability: In addition to many channels to choose from, customers today are contacting companies from a greater variety of times and locations than ever before; whether a customer is calling on the go, accessing self-service over a mobile device, you must be ready to talk and your web access needs to be mobile friendly.



In this eBook–It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Multichannel World—we expand on these points noted above with great additional content on best-in-class multichannel models, some tips and best practices for implementation, as well as a bit of information on PhaseWare tools that support the multichannel experience.

We hope you’ll take the time to check out this new eBook and let us know what you think. Y’all have a great weekend.

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