Worry About the Customer Experience, Not Costly Hardware and Software

Does your company still use spreadsheets or two handfuls of separate applications to provide customer service and support? Aside from being an inefficient, time-consuming way to support your customers, it’s a real drag on the customer experience.

Seriously, no one likes hearing an agent say, “Hang on just a moment, while the system pulls up your information; it’s been a little slow today.”

Whether it’s a slow database, or a convenient excuse for other issues; agents in this position are at a real disadvantage when it comes to customer satisfaction. The customer waits. The agent gets blame. Both are unhappy.

Every customer-focused organization knows the value of great customer service and support. Yet many companies still put their customer support agents in a position to fail, and fall short of customer expectations as a result. In these instances, companies are needlessly putting up barriers to their own success.

Remove Barriers to Success

The question then becomes, how do you remove these barriers to excellent customer support? In this scenario, the answer is actually pretty straight-forward. Give agents the tools they need to do the job well. In researching and selecting a customer service software solution, a lot of companies get stuck on cost and implementation time. Of course, cloud-based solutions offer a great alternative if these are your primary objections.

If your company is still on the fence, remember that cloud-based solutions come with relatively low risk. If you don’t like the results, simply unplug and go back to how you were doing it before. It’s not as if you’re on the hook for any hardware or software, and the implementation should place little burden, if any, on your internal IT resources.

And the benefits are enormous. You can quickly and easily upgrade your customer service and support capabilities, providing agents with a single interface for the entire ticket and customer lifecycle. They can access customer information, case histories, and the knowledge base from just one place. From the customer perspective, service will be faster and more accurate, which should certainly improve customer satisfaction.

Focus on Your Customers 

In the end, it’s most important to spend time thinking about how to better serve your customers and continue improving their experience. With a sensible, cloud-based solution to fit your customer support needs; you can stop worrying about expensive hardware and software, and put your focus where it matters most.


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