See You in the Cloud: Improving Customer Service Efficiency

Cloud computing is a fairly new idea and, in the past few months, I have become pretty attached to “the cloud”. It has allowed contact centers to work more efficiently, and assisted businesses in having a balance between traditional methods and the flexibility of the cloud.  How can it help your company’s customer service?

Efficiency.  In order to keep up with the growing customer service industry, you need to stay on top of trends and continue to become more and more efficient. With the cloud, customers and employees are able to find useful information in one spot, eliminating the need for a lot of phone calls and troubleshooting issues. put it well, “Rather than have reps use multiple different spreadsheets and databases, which can be inefficient and time consuming, they can take advantage of tools that allow them to retrieve key customer data, histories, and contact information quickly from one location.”

At PhaseWare, we use the cloud both internally and externally.  It helps so much with organization, therefore improving efficiency.  Everything is in one area… there’s no searching for it.

Do you use the cloud for customer service? How has it helped your business grow?

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