Customer Service is Everyone’s Job

“Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job”-Anonymous.  

In many offices, there’s a specific customer service department.  Is that the way it should be though? Customer service should be every single person’s job in that company. How can you achieve this?

Send out an Email. Not everyone has to be on the phone with customers, helping them with their issue, but they need to know certain policies and certain customer service procedures. Send out a company-wide email when they do interact with a current or potential customer, they know what to do. Maybe someone who was trying to get to customer service got redirected to marketing on accident.  Make sure everyone handles issues the same, courteous way, and knows how to handle, or direct certain situations.

Incentives.  Provide your employees with small incentives for knowing information about your customer service department and procedures (or any other department for that matter).  Maybe you send out an email once a week seeing who knows the answer to a question related to customer service.  For example, “If you get a call about a product malfunction, who/where do you direct the customer and how?” Whoever answers the question first gets a $5 Starbucks gift card (or whatever you want your incentive to be)

Customers need to get the feeling that your company is unified, and that everyone is on the same page—no matter what department they’re in.  What does your business do, or what do you wish they would do, to get everyone on the same page?

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