Standing Up for your Customer Service Reps

In a previous blog I briefly mentioned standing up for your customer service representatives if you’re a manager.  Standing up for your employees is important in any industry, but especially in customer service when you can get some cranky customers on the phone, or in person.

I shared a story in my last blog where I had a customer screaming at me for something I had absolutely nothing to do with. My manager overheard, came over, told the man that his actions were unacceptable, and asked him to never come back to our business.  I was in shock, but it made me feel great knowing my supervisor was on my side for some of those situations.

Don’t let your employees get bullied.  All CSR’s should know not to take things personal, but I have a hard time not doing that.  I’ll admit it—a customer made me cry before.  It was the same situation where my manager stood up for me. I’m not saying, wait until an employee cries before you step in, but if you hear something absolutely ridiculous—stand up for your employee.  You can ask the customer to calm down and that the way he/she is treating your staff is unacceptable.  You need to pick your battles wisely and only do that in certain situations.  

How do you stand up for your customer service representatives?


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