Quick Action & Great Customer Service by Chase Bank Saves Money

I have mixed feelings about banks—sometimes they’re incredibly helpful, other times… not so much.  It wasn’t until today that I really knew that I was with a good bank (Chase).  Listen to this short story about how their quick action, partnered with my colleagues quick thinking, saved him $1300.

A little after lunch my colleague, Gary, received an update via text on his phone saying $600 had been charged from his card online, and they asked if this was correct.  The bank called him immediately and said he had not charged $600 to a body building protein shake company—who spends $600 on body building supplements on a stolen card? This guy obviously.  While Gary was on the phone with the helpful customer service rep at Chase, this thief tried charging $700+ at an office supply store. Luckily, that was declined since the woman on the phone acted quickly and cancelled the card immediately.

Yes, Gary will get the money back, there was no irreparable damage done, except the annoying hassle of having to wait for a new card in the mail.  However, if the woman at Chase bank didn’t act so quickly, and wasn’t so friendly, this situation could have spiraled out of control.

Stay on top of things like Gary did, and hopefully credit card fraud never happens to you.  If it does though, I hope you get someone as helpful  as the woman Gary interacted with. “Chase What Matters” – exceptional customer service.


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