Customer Service Trend: Listening

The customer is always right… right?  Many businesses live by this mantra and many don’t.  I believe the customer is most definitely not always right, but you can’t flat out tell customers “you’re wrong. Sorry”.  What should you do though?

Actively listen! You should always actively listen no matter what… to all of your customers.  I used to think I was an active listener… especially over the phone. However, I would end a phone call and I had no idea what I just heard. Here are just a couple simple ways you can actively listen over the phone:

Look away from the computer.  “But I’m a great multi-tasker” you say? Well, whoever you’re talking to is taking time out of their day to speak with you, so look away from the computer screen for a little while and focus solely on what the other person is talking about.  There are some jobs where you need to have a computer screen to interact with the other person (such as reservation agents, etc). Just make sure you have only the necessary tabs open so you don’t get distracted.

Engage! Don’t let the other person run the conversation. Make sure you give your input and ask/answer questions when appropriate. This will help you remember what you spoke about.

These are two simple ways to actively listen to your customers and improve your customer service and even First Call Resolution.  How do you actively listen?

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