Customer Service Disconnected: Who Is Your Target Customer?


According to Forrester Research, 60% of respondents felt that the company has a clearly defined set of target customers, yet only 24% of employees had a consistent and vivid image of target customers. That should raise a red flag to those who think everyone knows exactly who your customers are and how you need to engage with them.

How do you communicate exactly who your target customer is to your employees? Is your definition of your target sufficiently explicit in details understandable to your employees? This is not something to assume here. This is your business and you need to know how to get the most out of every dollar and every employee. This is about being product, effective, and efficient in all the right ways so your business continues to grow. A little feedback management is called for.

Begin by writing down your definition of your target customer. Set it aside and read it again in a couple of days. How does it sound to you? Pass it around to the employees and have them tell you in their own words what they think you mean. If it reads as vague and you can’t get even a good example from your employees then you have uncovered the first source of your disconnect.

In order to bring your target into sharper focus, create a story about the customer. Human minds thrive on pictures and stories much better than vague statements about simple demographics. Bring this customer alive to your employees and you will reap the benefit of your work many times over.

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