4 Ways to Add Strategic Value to Your Customer Service Desk

Smart companies have realized their customer support desks have strategic value. The Service Desk can:


  1. Operate as a profit center rather than a cost center
  2. Handle business growth without adding headcount.
  3. Improve communication internally throughout the organization and externally to customers.
  4. Leverage existing IT investments while implementing next generation technology.



Since the service desk already has contact with the customer, there is the chance to up-sell or cross-sell.

Through automation and self service, more business can be handled by the same number of staff. Moreover, incidents can be tracked from end-to-end.

Through knowledge management, the same information is available to everyone from the service desk to the self service center. Everyone from customers to internal staff will receive the same answer to a particular question.

Existing IT solutions can be integrated with a next generation customer service solution that can scale with the company’s growth.

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