I Have a Spreadsheet. Why Do I Need Customer Support Software?

So the conversation goes something like this:

“What are you currently using to maintain your customer information and incident tickets?”

“A spreadsheet. We are hoping to create a database soon.”

Your customers deserve better than that and so do you. As your business grows that spreadsheet will become incalculably insane to update or use. You will have less time, not more, to dedicate to creating a database. Neither one nor the other, or even both, are the answer to keeping customer information and incident tickets updated, useful, and quickly accessible.

A good customer support solution will grow with your business, be easy to use, and provide meaningful business information. It can offer:

  • a way to keep up with the specific person to call at a particular customer business (customer management):



  • A way to track incidents or trouble tickets from open to close to customer notification (incident management)



  • A way to organize and quickly search through previously discovered solutions, downloads, notifications (knowledge base)



  • A way to monitor incident status and SLA performance in real time (dashboard)



  • A way to keep your customer in the know about their open incidents (Automated email notifications)


All in the same solution.

No more lost information, missed SLAs, or incidents falling through the cracks. No more calling multiple numbers to find your customer. No more attempting to update a gargantuan spreadsheet without errors or promising yourself you will design the perfect database for all this information when you have the time.

You deserve this solution and so do your customers.

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