What Doctor’s Want From Their EMR/EHR Software: Great Forms

I just read an article from HealthIT Exchange and it pointed out some of the weaknesses many EMR/EHR systems have in capturing data. These same points can be said of software packages in every industry, but it seems like the medical field still relies a great deal on paper, and not always because they want to.

Data capture within the system using a web-based form is great…except when the form needs updating. Then it is a call to a web designer. There are the forms that come with a package with the same issue: tough or impossible to change.

Then there are the systems that still rely on handwritten communication, such as digital pens, but since one of the reasons to go with a software system is to prevent issues with handwritten notes, this doesn’t seem to make sense. And using OCR to scan documents simply creates more work due to extra steps to scan and store/destroy the paper document.

As an exercise in customer service, talk to your customers about your EMR/EHR system and ask specifically how they handle data capture. Then devise an option in the software making it simple to create and modify forms. Advise your customers about the problems handwritten data and scanning can cause and let them know you are willing to work with them to make it better.

I know the EMR/EHR software market is moving a lot these days and it may seem like there is no time to do this, but in the long run it may be the feature that allows your company a toe-hold in a market currently in flux.

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