Be a Customer Support Superhero!

I know, when you think superhero you think superpowers:

  • faster than a speeding bullet
  • more powerful than a locomotive
  • able to leap tall buildings in a single bound*

But being a Customer Support Superhero doesn’t require special powers…it just requires the human power within all of us.

Article after article expounds on how customer service and support greatly consists of those manners your parents tried to drum into you. How consistency will win the day. How apologizing isn’t for the weak of heart.

Other articles point out that as we treat our employees so they treat the customer. Kick the employee, the employee yells at the man who just wants to know where the tools are. Treat the employee like a living, feeling, and thinking person, and he will return the favor by paying it forward to your customers.

Do metrics make superheroes? Metrics, when chosen and used inappropriately become the evil villain of customer support. Yes, you must measure, but measure the thing that will help customer support succeed in helping the customer, not the part that will get more calls answered but fewer resolved on the first contact.

Sometimes superheroes use tools. Doesn’t make them less super (would you like to tell Batman that he is just a crazy person in a black costume?). It helps them get the job done. Customer support superheroes need the right tools too. Too many superheroes are ground down by poor or missing tools. I read a statistic that stated the average customer support agent needed to deal with up to 20 different applications when dealing with customers. That would even slow down The Flash.

Customer support superheroes need easy to use customer support software that allows them to speed through the administration of the interaction not through a bunch of screens and apps. This way they can use more brainpower to help the customer because they don’t have to think about which window they need to open next.

One application that can hold customer information, a searchable knowledge base, create tickets, and hold all the other information needed to keep the customer running. Put that tool in front of your customer support superheroes and see how powerful they can be.

Be a Customer Support Superhero!

Click on the image if you would like to request a demo of our customer support software.

Or just admire this guy’s panache.

Either way, we hope you will leave a comment telling us about the real customer support superheroes you know.

*Thanks, Superman.

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