Happy Employees = Great Customer Service = Better Business

Oddly enough, I was reminded today of how a company’s employees can be one of their best assets in marketing and customer service. 

There I was, just minding my own business, when I overheard a conversation going on between two women.  One of them (Lady A) had worked for quite some time for a certain company and the other (Lady B) had just been hired. 

Well, Lady A was just glowing and gushing about how wonderful the company was to work for and how well they looked after their employees.  Lady A wasn’t a salaried marketer.  She wasn’t paid for her promotion of the company, and yet, just from the way that she talked about the company and how good to their staff they were, I couldn’t help but be interested in learning more about them, even in doing business with them.

What if all of our employees were just as happy and content working for our respective businesses?  What if they were all just so excited about the company that they couldn’t contain themselves; that they simply had to talk about the wonderful place and people they work for? 

People are attracted to positive energy.  As human beings we crave it, so if a company has happy employees that overflow with joy, odds are, people would rather do business there than at a company where all the employees are just punching cards, watching the clock, and then complaining how bad their job (and the company) is. 

Also, employees give customers an insider’s look into the workings of the company.  You can tell a lot about a business by the way they treat their employees.  If they won’t treat their own employees right, how can they be expected to treat their customers right?
I guess the moral of the story is to follow the golden rule—do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Treat everyone like gold, employees and customers alike, and it’s amazing how good business will be.



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