Business as a Human Body: Use Customer Support Tools to Avoid Strains

The human body is truly a remarkable thing.  You never realize how intricately connected everything is until you wound one part.  No matter how big or small the injury—whether pulled back muscles or a stubbed toe—the entire body attempts to compensate for the hurt which in turn puts added strain on every other muscle. 


Business is the exact same way.  If one part of the business is problematic, then every part of the company feels the pinch; if customers get a bad experience from any department of a company, they often choose to go elsewhere for their dealings especially if that bad experience was in the customer service department.

But never fear, that’s why customer service and support software was invented.  It can help you revamp your customer service department.  With customer support software, your customer service will leap to new heights and run smoother than ever before.

A Self-Service Center package allows the customer to rebel against the old social norms of waiting on hold for the next available agent, inevitably wasting precious time that they could be spending with their families.  With self service customers can get online at any time and look through forums, knowledgebases, and FAQ sections to see if other individuals have had similar problems and what the solutions were.  They can even send in their own incident ticket.

For those who like the personal touch, live chat software allows a company agent to work with several customers at once in real time.  And that agent can consult someone else inhouse during the chat if needed.

Customer support software keeps track of service tickets and levels, stores information,  and provides a solutions database. It follows the trends in incident reports and tickets, work orders, billing, customer information and much more. 

On demand software does everything the regular software does with the added bonus of not having to invest in a lot of hardware or IT support staff. The best software can update a field in a page without having to reload the entire page. Ideally you can work with multiple windows, and customize your screen.

For a look at these types of abilities you can request a look at PhaseWare Tracker. Contact us for a demo and discover the PhaseWare difference.

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