Some Interesting Links to Liven Up the Holiday in the Office Doldrums

Or maybe you are not actually in an office but are working on the holiday from home…….because you are supposed to be, not because you are a workaholic hiding your online, work-related frenzy of making sure you don’t miss anything from your spouse. If the latter is you, Please! Relax! Eat some turkey or whatever your family traditionally has for the big feast (my mother used to fix chicken and home-made noodles. Not as work intensive and everyone liked it.)

For those of you who are not snowed under with customers and are wondering how you will stay awake, I thought I would link you to some interesting articles and sites to help you pass the time. I hope you don’t get in trouble for reading this blog or following the links when you are supposed to be staring at a silent phone.

The Smithsonian magazine seems to have something for everyone. The November 2009 issue has a great article about Jackson Pollock, the artist, who apparenly hid words amidst all those paint smatterings. If you are a fan of Ansel Adams, there is a wonderful article about work that he did in color instead of his customary black and whte.  Be sure to click on the first picture at the top to see a larger image slide show of all the pictures in the article. If you have ever thought about a trip to Alaska, The Great Wide Open looks at the 49th state through the eyes of a self-described non-outdoors person. If you are living there or are from there, maybe this article will bring back fond memories. And there is plenty of other captivating content on the magazine’s site.

For something a little different, Fast Company magazine has some interesting stuff. From the May issue is an article about how technology is being embraced by some of the medical profession with the hope that others will follow. For those in, from, or are just curious about Seattle, Garth Stein and Alessandra Petlin have a terrific overview with some myth-busting facts. From the November issue there are a couple of articles to feed your inner geek. There is an article about those involved in kicking Windows 7 up a notch, design-wise. Another is about Intel’s focus on re-alignment and business re-engineering.

Yes, this is still a blog about customer support. But in this instance, I am hoping to give a little break to the unsung heroes in customer support.

Happy Thanksgiving. The PhaseWare Files will be back next week.


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