The Constitution of Excellent Customer Service and Support

We, the People of the Business World, in order to perform a more perfect customer service, establish communication, ensure customer options, provide for the common complaint, promote the general welfare, and secure the best service for our customers and their needs, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Purpose of Providing Excellent Customer Service and Support.

Article I

We will never impede a customer’s right to independence.  They deserve to have the ability to express that independence by visiting the company Self-Service Center online and exploring the various features available to them.  With PhaseWare’s Self-Service Center software, they can look in the Universal Knowledge Base to search through the customer forums or create their own.  They can also explore the FAQs, solutions from other similar incident tickets, as well as user comments.

Article II

We will always provide options for the customer.  If the customer wishes to speak with a real person in real time, if they want that special connection so that they know that their complaint is being heard and fixed, then we will provide that option.  PhaseWare’s Live Chat software is designed to grant such an option.  Customers can talk to an agent in real time via chat channels and when their chat is finished, the information is added to the Knowledge Base so that other customers can see the solution.

Article III

We will always keep the customer well informed of the progress made on their incident ticket.  The customer deserves to be kept up to date on the status of their issue and with PhaseWare’s Event Engine and Self-Service Center that is possible.  Event Engine sends the customer automatic e-mails to update them if their incident ticket has been closed and the Self-Service Center has an Incident Management feature that allows the customer to see the status of their ticket, the agent assigned, billing, date of closure, and the solution.  They can even open a new ticket if they so desire.

In conclusion,   we, the people of the business world, need to ensure that the rights of the customers are observed in every way.  We need to provide options that allow the customers to express their independence through searching for the solution on their own time or to chat in real time with an agent.  We need to provide updates for our customers to keep them informed, and through the various PhaseWare software packages, we can give the customers the high quality service they so deserve.

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