A Cup of Tea and a Live Chat

One of this nation’s most pivotal ideals, founded long before the Revolution, is that of self-sufficiency-the self-made-man as it were.  One of the most well-known colloquialisms is “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.”  People like their individuality, to do things their way on their time schedule, which makes having an online Self-Service Center for customers such a great asset.  They can go online and report an incident at their convenience.  They aren’t required to wait on hold for an hour hoping for an agent to talk to them.

However, some customers just prefer to have that special intangible connection through human interaction in order to solve a problem.  They want to know that someone on the other end is listening to their issue.  They don’t want to wait for an e-mail that explains how to fix the problem.  They want an immediate response, a real-time solution.

PhaseWare wants to ensure that every customer is served to their satisfaction, so to accommodate the individuals who want that person-to-person communication, PhaseWare offers Live Chat Software.  For the customer, Live Chat allows the same real-time interaction of a phone call in the format of instant messaging, thus giving the customer human interaction and since Live Chat allows business agents to attend to several customers simultaneously, customer wait-time is decreased dramatically.  Since multiple customers are helped at the same time by a single agent, employee productivity goes up, resolution time goes down, and overhead costs diminish.

Live Chat also makes solving future problems easier by uploading information to the Self-Service Center and Knowledge-Base Center, therefore making it conveniently available to other customers as well as business agents who could use the information in a future Chat.  Moreover, the software monitors the chat channels and gives notification as to whether or not a channel is open; and of course, all channels are as secure as the company needs them to be.

A business should accommodate their customers based on their specific needs.  If they desire a way to simply report an issue and continue on with their busy schedule, then a Self-Service Center should be available.  If customers want that personal touch of being able to communicate with an agent in real-time, they should be able to and PhaseWare’s Live Chat allows them to do so without any hassle.

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