Creating Blockbuster Customer Experiences Create a Blockbuster Support Agent Experience Step 1: Software

Blockbuster customer experiences start with your support staff. To optimize their ability to help your customers, you must do everything in your power to remove any obstacle that comes between your agents and your customers.

One step in obstacle removal is giving your support center agents customer support software that they love to use, otherwise the chances for creating your blockbuster customer experience will be slim to none. If the software your agents are using is not specifically configured for their process of providing support then the software will not meet even the most basic of requirements:

Expedite the incident resolution process. 

Customer experience will suffer from delays in incident submission, resolution, even checking incident status with inappropriate software.

Therefore, do not just waltz out and pick the first customer support software you see off the shelf. First you must:

  • map the support desk processes
  • determine user requirements
  • show the users how any proposed new system will meet those requirements, and
  • listen to their feedback and act on it!

It is natural for people to resist change. But this resistance can be countered by having end users participate in the selection and implementation process. Once the software is in place, the users should be allowed a chance to give feedback to tweak the system into its most useful configuration.

Ease of use, stability, and features that can be fully customized to the support agents’ activities goes a long way toward finding a system that they can’t wait to use. 

PhaseWare Tracker, for example, incorporates a screen designer tool to allow customization of the graphics of most core screens such as the customer entry screen. This tool is a graphical interface itself, so you don’t need to be a programmer to create a spiffy customized interface for each screen.

With their shiny new software and smiling faces, your support agents will be at the top of their game:

Giving blockbuster customer support.


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