Quality Customer Service is the Key to Business Success

Today the wealthiest consumers and the largest marketing demographic are baby boomers. This portion of society remembers the good old days of personalized sales experiences and they demand quality customer service or they will take their money elsewhere.

Automated customer care

Whether they purchase a personal television or supplies for a small business, these consumers expect quality products and a speedy resolution to any problems. Customer retention depends on how complaints and other issues come to resolution.

A user-friendly complaint process with issue tracking and a deep knowledge base with which customers can find pertinent information seems a lot to ask for in a software suite. Software meeting these criteria exists and the makers continue expanding the scope of automated quality customer service.

Customer retention with personalized experiences

A 90-percent customer retention rate, like PhaseWare boasts, provides an excellent example of how effectively customer service software works. The software suite focuses on problem resolution and the self-service features give clients a variety of actions to choose from, which personalizes the experience.

Streamlined complaint resolution

When a customer complains about a product or service, the complaint needs to go to the correct department for resolution. If the customer complaint results in several transfers without reaching the correct department, the customer will not return.

The automated systems take the complaint and offer solutions based on the type of complaint and a knowledge base of similar complaints by other customers. The complaint escalates and goes to the correct department should the customer fail to find a solution.

The customer then receives more information and support as the complaint ticket moves through the resolution path for the issue at hand. Complaint tickets enter the system with tracking numbers the customer has complete access to, and follows throughout the process. Once resolved, the customer offers advice and reviews of their experience so others with the same complaint have a new resource.

Customers remember bad service

Anyone who receives bad service remembers and tells others. On average five people will hear about a bad experience and from there it spreads farther.

Unfortunately, the outsourcing of customer service to other countries or in-home support personnel brought abusive or ineffective support. Companies using these cost-saving methods now scrabble to bring customers back and to find in-house support that will fitĀ  their budget. They forgot quality customer service is the key to a successful business.

The answer they seek comes in the customer-care software suite that automates most of the complaint processes and streamlines complaint resolution.

Small businesses do not need larger software suites that automate the entire sales process. The smaller customer service and support suite provides the services needed to increase customer retention while providing a complete quality customer service experience.

Customer Service

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