Happy Employees = Happy Customers

What could be considered the number one reason for a business’ customer loss? The answer is unhappy employees. Think about it. If the employee is not happy with his employer chances are he will not perform as he should be performing which may have direct effect on customer satisfaction. If the employee is unhappy, he may act rude, sarcastic, or in some other negative manner towards the customer. I don’t know about you, but if I experience these types of employees on a regular basis at any business that I go to as a customer, I may just find somewhere else to spend my money. Sure there are bad days with some employees, everyone has bad days, but if it becomes a regular thing it will surely act as a deterrent to your customers. Regular customers will know the difference. If a customer frequently visits a business they get to know the employees, and how they act. These are the customers that any business does not want to lose. These are also the customers who will be able to tell the difference between an employee having a bad day, and an employee who is just unhappy with his job or employer. If the unhappiness becomes a habit, the regular customer might just find somewhere else to be a regular customer, thus taking their frequent spending elsewhere. This is not something your business can afford. How does the business prevent this? High employee morale

Business owners and managers do not often consider their employees and their need, which can ultimately be the end of their business if they are not careful. Customers like to spend their money in a positive environment. They like to be treated kindly when they are spending money. The key to this is happy employees. Happy employees lead to higher customer satisfaction. Customers are much more likely to keep coming back to a business where they feel they are given VIP treatment by friendly, happy, positive workers. This is the key factor to any business that wants to thrive. 

How does a business keep employee morale high? With a positive, motivating, family-style work environment. Employees need to feel happy and content in their workplace. Employees that dread coming to work are not what any manager or business wants. Employee happiness is very dependent on their work environment. Employees do not want to work for managers that condescend them, micromanage, or yell at them at every opportunity. Studies show that just talking to someone proves to be much more productive in the end than yelling at them. Another thing that can make employees enjoy their time at work is incentives. Competition is something that naturally drives human beings, so why not incorporate it into the workplace? Set prizes of some sort… the employees will be more driven to work happily and productively with competition, and it may even make them look more forward to work. Incorporating incentives in the workplace is but one of many ways to keep a high customer morale. Happy employees are a necessity to any successful business.

Happy Customers
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