Proactive Customer Service is Key

A problematic trend over the past several years is the decline of quality customer service. Customers blame everything from ineffective management to improper training of employees. Companies with poor customer service receive scathing reviews on social media and consumer websites. Quality and proactive customer service is the key to your business’s success. has the knowledgebase and customer service software you need.

Customer service software gives customer service representatives (CSRs) all the tools required for effective documentation, issue tracking, task delegation, reporting, and ultimately resolution of customer incidents. Using customer support software is an efficient means of handling the workflow associated with customer service solutions. Many common support activities are automated in customer service software, which improves CSR productivity and increases customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Every customer is different and in order to retain business and maintain customer satisfaction, your company needs to be adaptable to their individual customer service preferences. Customers have a favorite mode of contact among the choices of speaking to a live person, using self service phone menus, engaging in live chat or sending an email. A major requirement among most customers is that they have some form of written documentation of their interaction with the CSR. This takes the form of a spoken reference number, email acknowledgment or email transcript of a live chat. Customer service software from increases efficiency, expedites how your CSRs find information, aids in faster resolution of issues and allows your company to consolidate its databases. 

With Tracker from, you receive multiple customer service tools that insure customer satisfaction. With all the pertinent customer information at your CSRs fingertips, they always know what the customers are looking for and respond appropriately and quickly. This aspect of customer service software aids in resolving the incident the first time with proper reports, user-friendly dashboards and a vast knowledgebase that is organized and easily understandable. The self-service options available 24/7 result in reduced call volumes and lower incident reports. Every step of the process is logged and easily accessible by CSRs for any required follow-up.

Customers are happiest when they receive a consistently quality level of customer service from your company. gives you that ability with the automated processes in their customer service software that make it simple for every CSR to follow the same correct procedure. Automatic email notifications to the customer and assigned CSR give your representatives one less task to worry about and potentially forget. Other tracking features in our customer service software follow how long a ticket has been open and the level of customer communication.

With proactive customer support and customer service, your company remains competitive in the marketplace. Customer service software streamlines the process of tracking and resolving incidents in a courteous and timely manner. Training your CSRs on the software keeps service consistent and report generation allows you to track performance and efficiency. You can utilize the customer service software in the cloud or on-site with the full-featured program. In both versions, you receive superior support and assistance from our company.

As you use customer service software and discover additional functions your company requires, the software should easily accommodate your changing service needs. We are eager to work with your company to provide you with the best fit for your line of business. Once your CSRs begin working with our programs, you can see the value of customer service software and how proactive service and follow-through increases customer satisfaction, customer retention and positive customer recommendations. 



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