3 Ways to Keep Personalization While Automating Customer Support

With so much of the business that is being conducted around the globe today being done over the internet, it is important to think about customer support automation and the ways it can vastly improve your overall customer support experience. However, this is a delicate process that must be undertaken very carefully, because an overly hasty or poorly thought out automation process will result in customers feeling depersonalized, and will only result in loss of revenue and poor social media feedback if it is allowed to continue without any restraint. Here are three ways you can keep your customer support experienced personalized, even as you continue to automate and modernize it.

Having the Right Software is Essential

Having a configurable customer support software solution that can be customized to the needs of both your customer service department and your customers is the beginning cornerstone of any successful customer support automation process. It has a multitude of advantages over traditional out of the box software, including only the features you and your team deem necessary, having its performance optimized for your department’s pre-existing hardware and offer features to improve the experience for the user as well.

Don’t let the convenience of out of the box software fool you – no two businesses are alike, and no software support solution should be either. You need customer support software based around your department’s own goals and resources, and that has to be done with a structure you can customize yourselves.

Be Ahead of the Curve in Communication

Your software shouldn’t be the only thing you count on among your imperative assets, as your customer service department, in and of itself, is an asset. Having a live chat solution allows your team to begin assisting potential customers as soon as they arrive to the website by answering questions and then directing them, if necessary, to the department that can best answer those questions.

Customers are appreciative when a company has anticipated their needs in advance and come up with solutions to potential problems they may have based on past experiences with other customers.

Be Aware of Issues and Communicate Them in Advance

Part of having a successful rollout of your customer support automation strategy is to be aware of issues that you’ve previously dealt with and make customers aware that you not only know about them, but are actively working to implement new strategies to deal with them. Customers appreciate not only when a company is upfront about the problems they are having, but what steps they are taking to try and solve them. Being honest about your use of automation, and the fact there may be issues within the system from time to time, will greatly increase your odds of keeping customers around for the long haul.

If you would like to know more about how to successfully automate your customer support department, contact PhaseWare today for more information.

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