3 Stunning Discoveries Surrounding Established Companies and Customer Support

While there are many facets that go into running a business at any given time, regardless of the product or service you are selling, all companies have some sort of customer service component embedded into their corporate framework. Without this type of support system in place, a company simply could not exist, as it would not be able to respond to its customers in a timely and thoughtful fashion.

However, just because a company has a configurable customer service setup does not necessarily mean it is working at optimum efficiency. Research was recently conducted into a wide variety of well-established companies. The discoveries made were rather stunning about the efficiency and operational style of these companies with specific regard to their customer support teams. Let’s take a moment and delve more fully into the depths of the research and what its findings were.

The Age of the Company Wasn’t Relevant at All

One of the most interesting finds from the study was, despite the fact that the companies varied widely on the spectrum in terms of how old they were, their age did not impact how effectively their customer service departments operated. This was a surprising find to many people, as the common belief was that those companies who were younger, but more digitally savvy in terms of implementing customizable customer support software would be better positioned in terms of customer satisfaction. However, this was not ultimately the case at all.

More Inquiries Does Not Imply More Problems with Customer Service

Another interesting find from the research was the fact that, despite how counterintuitive this statement may feel when you read it, the teams who handled the largest volume of tickets were by no means the lowest performers. In fact, the teams who processed the highest amount of tickets seemed to have the highest amount of customer satisfaction when they were evaluated for this factor afterwards. One of the reasons for this was that these teams tended to keep their knowledge base both current and easy to update, which led to an increase in problem solving efficiency.

Integrated Platforms Lead to More Efficiency

If you are a large company that handles hundreds or thousands of tickets in a day, it is simply not feasible to believe that your support solution would be able to focus entirely on its own. Companies who ranked the highest for customer satisfaction did so, in part, because they had integrated all of their data into multiple storage platforms and then synced everything up across the system. This is important, as it means agents don’t lose valuable time by having to run across multiple platforms just to resolve one ticket.

While some of these revelations may be surprising, especially to those who work in the world of customizable customer support software, they are noteworthy and provide valuable insight as to how companies should be structuring their customer service scaffolding going forward to further improve company efficiency.

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